the school


At Zhang Sanfeng Wuguan school we practice traditional Wudang Kung Fu Xuangwu Pai.
Jo Augustin is in the 16th generation of the dissemination lineage.

The Wudang school focuses on relaxed, natural movements and the development of inner strength.
Internal martial arts consist of three major schools – Xing Yi, Bagua and Tai Chi. Since each of them bears traces of all the other they complement each other perfectly.


We practice in mixed groups and beginners can start at any time. Training sessions consist of exercises in fitness, concentration, meditation, Chin. Yoga, posture training, Push Hands and relaxation.

Exercises in regular group training are done either alone or with a partner and everyone practices after individual abilities, requirements and intentions. Our main emphasis is on a relaxed atmosphere enabling everyone in the group to learn and practice.
In training sessions for children we teach kids the essential basics and prepare them for further practice. Exercises include all of the above mentioned but with kids we focus on flexibility and fitness. Lessons are adapted to the needs of children and given in a playful manner with the necessary measure of discipline.